Travel Without Plastics

We are proud to announce a new partner to Keepers of the Coast, Travel Without Plastics and founder Joanne Hendrickx. Her organization was just recently recognized in the Guardian, a highly recognized UK daily newspaper. You can visit the article here:

Travel Without Plastic works directly with hotels and accommodation providers to help them reduce single-use plastics and save money.  The Let’s Reduce Single-Use Guide and Tool Kit launched on World Environment Day 2018 was created specifically to address the uncertainty that many hoteliers have when it comes to reducing or eliminating single use plastics whilst still meeting the health, safety and quality expectations of tour operators and guests, in addition to being confident that the alternatives aren’t going to have an even bigger negative impact on the environment.
Did you know that many of their recommendations can save hotels thousands of dollars as well as making a huge positive impact on the environment.  Be part of their goal to prevent one billion items of single-use plastic entering global waste streams by 2020.  Find out more at