Sea Turtle is released into the Atlantic ... again

After the 6th Annual Sea Turtle Festival, the Keepers of the Coast was able to participate in the releasing of Edwina back into her Florida waters.


Edwina has been stranded twice on the First Coast and she has been rehabilitated twice at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Last year, she came ashore injured on Ponte Vedra Beach. After about a year of treatment, she’s ready to go back to the waves.


Amy Hupp, a Rehabilitation Technician with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, said, “She was stranded in Florida, so we took her back to Florida.”


But this time, Edwina is being released with a satellite tracking device attached to the top of her shell. Donations and help from groups such as Keepers of the Coast helped pay the costs.


The tracking device will allow Eastman to monitor her every move, nearly.


“The way it works is … it has to surface. She’ll surface to breathe or to feed. It [the device] has two saltwater switches on it so when it’s out of the water, it transmits a signal.”


That signal goes to a satellite and then eventually Eastman gets a notification.


You can even keep track of Edwina:



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