Small daily task can be of great impact.


Here are 5 at home tips for living a sustainable life:


  1. Don’t forget your re-suable bags when shopping. Always pass on the plastic and if it just a few items carry them out, it will be one less bag.
  2. When grocery shopping purchase foods with less packaging.
  3. Talk the talk and walk the walk by taking the stairs, riding your bike, etc.
  4. Enough with the bottled water already, bring your own and fill it up!
  5. No thank you no straw please. Sticking a reusable straw in your bag or pocket is easy, it’s the remembering part that is difficult.


Here are 5 tips for around the office for inspiring a sustainable workplace:


  1. Eliminate disposables in the workplace entirely.
  2. Start pot luck Tuesdays, with themed meals, and bring your own plate (BYOP)
  3. Inspire one less bag by giving re-usable bags with company logo to customers – win win!
  4. Make sure recycling and trash stations are in same location and properly labeled.
  5. Replace your lightbulbs with low volt LEDs.



The mission of Keepers of the Coast is to create an active community that will work together to ensure that the coastal systems of North East Florida will remain a beautiful part of our local environment and provide a safe place for coastal residents to recreate for future generations.